Watertown Lions Club

We Serve


Mission of the Watertown Lions Club

The motto of Lionism is ‘We Serve’. Lions are men and women who volunteer their time to humanitarian causes in their local, state and worldwide communities. By conducting service projects, and raising funds, Lions strive to help those in need wherever need exist. The Lions main goal is the prevention of blindness and eye related diseases. This crusade has resulted in the establishment of ‘Sight First’, a global sight prevention program. Additionally, within the state of Connecticut, there exist CLERF (Connecticut Lions Eye Research Foundation) which is a program designed to help those with eye related diseases. In addition, Lions participate in service activities emphasizing diabetes awareness, hearing impairment, education and research into eye problems, working with the physically and mentally impaired, environmental issues, community welfare, and international understanding and youth services.

Policy of the Watertown Lions Club

We will now endeavor to describe the expenditure of funds by the Watertown Lions Club. Any money that is raised from the public is used solely for humanitarian aid. None of this money shall be used for Lions expenditures. The funds raised by the Watertown Lions Club are hopefully expended as follows: 70% to the local community and 30% to state and worldwide projects. This division cannot always be attained, but we strive to accomplish it.

Each year by early June our Finance Chairman, along with the Finance Committee develop a budget for the coming fiscal year, which runs from July 1, to the following June 30. 

International donations are to Lions Club International Foundation, or LCIF, as it is also referred.

With state administered projects, our donation is to the following:

  • CT Lions Eye Research Foundation, ‘CLERF’
  • Lions Gallery of Vision Services
  • FAWV Blind Workshop
  • Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Diabetes – American Diabetes Association and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Journey for Sight 

With respect to local projects, our donations vary with need: 

  • Lifeline
  • People in Need Groups in Need
  • Eyeglasses
  • Scholarships
  • Senior Breakfast
  • Senior Center TV
  • Food Bank
  • Easter Food Baskets
  • Safe Haven
  • GROWS & Watertown- Oakville Little League
  • Peace Poster
  • Youth Services
  • Easter Seals

It should be noted that the word need is very prevalent in our definitions of donations. Our policy for not donating is based on the following: To organizations that perform their own fundraising Individuals who are going on trips for educational/vocational reasons and who are not in need (The definition of need shall be defined by the sponsoring group, and not by the individual) If there is any question on the need to donate, a committee shall be formed to research. Eyeglass donations to individuals shall be basic eyeglass and frames. There shall be no allowance for special desires, i.e., no line bifocals, designer frames etc. 

There are three basic monetary entities within the Watertown Lions Club. 

 1. The Foundation (Monies received from projects and the public) 

 2. The Internal Fund (Monies received from Lions only: Dues, raffle, card game and the bar) this money can be used to go to meetings, breakfasts, conferences and conventions etc. Expenditures are limited by our bylaws. 

 3. Watertown Lions Memorial Scholarship Fund. This fund shall be self sustaining and one thousand dollars shall be drawn each year based on interest accumulation. This money is used solely for scholarships awarded to a student attending a 2 year vocational college and to a student attending a four year institution. 

Watertown Lions Club 
Serving our Community
As Long as there is Need 

Lions Club International is the world’s largest service organization, with over 1.3 million members in over 200 countries and geographic locations. 

For more than 50 years, the Watertown Lions have served our local community by providing many humanitarian services such as eye examinations, diabetes screenings, and assistance for Lifeline recipients, glaucoma testing, Jaws of Life, defibrillating equipment and SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) for the Fire Department. Also financial support of projects and programs for drug free schools. Project Graduation and many more. We also support the Connecticut Lions Eye Research Foundation and the Sight First program to eliminate curable and preventable blindness worldwide.